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We provide a wide variety of services to our corporate clients from the formation of the corporation to its maintenance and through its dissolution. We are experienced in preparing agreements, including the sale and purchase of businesses, assisting with financing and funding for business operations, negotiating real estate and other contracts, and advising on shareholders' rights and employee relations policies.


We offer a complete range of representation in all areas of family law. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience and have made many appearances before the Appellate Courts on behalf of our clients. We address issues of child custody, visitation, child support, business valuation, division of assets and spousal support and maintenance. We also provide representation for the preparation of pre-nuptial or premarital agreements, adoption matters, paternity issues, and in obtaining restraining orders and orders for protection. Our clients are treated with respect and consideration as they are assisted in their family law needs.
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Clients can control the allocation of accumulated assets both before and after death through careful planning for the distribution of property to family members. We know the complex network of laws governing gifts, estates and trusts and we use that knowledge to assist our clients with:
  • Simple and Complex Will Creation
  • Establishment of Revocable, Irrevocable and Charitable Trusts
  • Structure of Family Limited Partnerships
  • Estate and Probate Administration
  • Business Succession
For clients interested in maintaining management and control of their estates, while at the same time avoiding probate, protecting family members, ensuring their financial privacy and obtaining peace of mind, we offer estate plans which include ... Read more


Probate is the legal process by which decedent's estate is administered through Probate Court review. Our firm handles all aspects of probate and estate administration as well as will contest suits. We assist the personal representative of the estate or trust in gathering, valuing, accounting for and distributing the assets of the estate or trust. We further assist the personal representative in the preparation of federal and state estate and gift tax returns and fiduciary tax returns. Probate of estates may be avoided through various estate planning techniques.
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The form of business chosen for an entity potentially affects every aspect of its operations. We assist our clients in formation and business planning in deciding whether they want to operate as a closely-held business, limited liability company, partnership or corporation. We advise our clients regarding directors' and officers' liability, dissolution, franchising, reorganization, trade association membership and activity, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financing, business successions, shareholders' agreements and shareholders' rights.


Our attorneys, one of whom is a certified public accountant and licensed in the United States Tax Court, represent individuals and commercial clients in matters with tax implications, identifying state and federal tax issues and structuring transactions in such a way as to minimize taxes, including estate and gift taxes. We represent clients before state and federal tax authorities and before the United States Tax Court.
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Bankruptcy law applies to debtors who may be individuals or businesses and who are insolvent and unable to pay creditors. Our attorneys represent both debtors and creditors in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings. We have assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses in liquidation, wage earner plans and reorganization cases. We also assist individual and commercial creditors in their efforts to preserve, protect and/or retrieve their collateral and to determine such creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file bankruptcy.


Family Law Mediation - The Illinois Supreme Court Rules require mediation in most cases involving children. Our family law attorneys are certified mediators. Mediation is an effective method of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve differences outside of court and save money on litigation costs. Mediation allows parents to make significant parenting decisions and create schedules for their children on their own terms.

Personal Injury Mediation and Arbitration - Many personal injury matters are resolved through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court. Some reasons for this are the costs and risks associated with jury trials. Alternative Dispute Resolution through mediation or arbitration are options that eliminate the costs and risks of trial while ensuring a positive result for your client. We offer certified mediation and arbitration services.
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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

We represent individuals and families of those individuals who have been severely injured or have lost their lives as a result of the negligent conduct of others. Such representation includes litigation at the trial and appellate levels and methods of alternative dispute resolution. We have assisted clients in matters involving automobile accidents, premises liability, medical negligence and other injury and wrongful death claims.


We advise clients in elder law matters, including Medicaid planning, guardianship proceedings and nursing home rights matters. Our attorneys assists clients in preparing and filing Medicaid applications, and are experienced in representing clients in proceedings before the Illinois Department of Human Services, including appeals of denials of Medicaid assistance and applications for hardship waivers.
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We provide a full range of services in the areas of employment law. We assist clients in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts and employment claims such as breach of contract, retaliation, covenants not to compete, defamation and wage and hours audits.


Our firm performs transactional real estate work for sales, purchases, leases, exchanges and other transfers of residential, commercial and agricultural real estate. We provide representation in the sale, purchase or lease of real estate by negotiating, drafting or reviewing contracts, reviewing title reports and preparing deeds and other documents. We commonly advise and provide clients the necessary documentation and direction to complete IRC 1031 tax-free exchanges. We provide advice to clients at each stage of a real estate transaction, protect our clients rights at closing and render legal service after the closing should problems arise. We advise and represent clients in residential, commercial and agricultural lease transactions and evictions, zoning ordinance amendments and variances, residential subdivision and commercial developments, foreclosures and the legal aspects of financing and refinancing.
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Litigation is the process of resolving legal disputes between two or more private parties in court. If a plaintiff in litigation is successful, judgment is entered in the plaintiff’s favor, and the court may order an award of damages or may impose an injunction to prohibit certain activity or to compel certain activity. Courts may also determine the rights of parties which are in dispute through a declaratory judgment as a means to avoid future litigation. Our firm handles a broad range of litigation matters, including proceedings in the trial courts and appellate courts. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in the area of litigation and can provide you with quick analysis of what relief is available through the courts as well as whether a more cost-effective resolution could likely be achieved out of court.